Bias & Worldview

Bias seems to me to be the inclination towards one thing over another.

If you go to, you can read this definition (one of many) of bias: “to cause partiality or favoritism in (a person); influence, especially unfairly.[1]”

Take, for example, my love of brownies.  If I pick up an article that says Brownies Are The New Vegetable I’m going to probably think in my mind, I so want to read this article.

Bias can be sneakier, though.

Bias can be being more inclined to believe, focus on, or enjoy one thing over another. Favoring something.

So anytime I say anything, I’m going to have to show ‘bias’.

That is, if I say, “I just saw an elephant who fits in a coffee cup”, I am showing a bias towards that information.  I could have talked about something completely different, like how much Dave Ramsey says you save if you don’t buy coffee at coffee shops (and save the money in the bank instead–sadly, it doesn’t count if you spend it on something else).

But whether an elephant can fit inside a coffee cup, whether I would save money brewing coffee at home . . . neither of these beliefs change every action in my life.  So I can show bias without it profoundly changing my life (in a way I see, anyway).

But bias can also change everything about me.  I used to think of this in a negative way, like the “especially unfairly” part of the description.  But can’t bias also be positive?  What if I come to someone who is bias to showing kindness to everyone, whether the other person is behaving kindly or not?  I wouldn’t mind that kind of bias, even though the person is favoring kindness over meanness.

My life goal isn’t to get rid of bias.  My life goal is to get rid of bad bias.  I want to be bias towards love.  And I want to be bias towards the one and only source of love: God.

We understand what love is when we realize that Christ gave his life for us. (1 John 3:16a, GW)



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