I can spend $38 on about 5 times to the movies, I guess.  Or 2 nice dinners.  Or 30 or so Ipod songs.  Or a shirt at a mall store, or maybe 3 if there is a good sale running.

$38 wouldn’t buy a month of cable or a new pair of shoes at a designer store or a video game, but it could probably take care of about 6 fast food stops or one tank of gas.

And $38 wouldn’t buy highlights for my hair, but it could buy a pedicure at most places.  It might buy a half hour massage or dog food for a month for a medium-sized dog or a good skincare product.

For $38 I could get about 9 greeting cards or 6 bottles of nail polish.  I could get 3 tickets to a local baseball game or probably one nice throw pillow.  I could maybe get a bracelet or two or, instead, a bunch of candy bars.  I could buy about 7 cups of gourmet coffee or one big bag of bird feed.

Yes, I have thousands of choices for how to spend $38 . . .

But I would choose Mingkwan above all of them.

Mingkwan is four years old.  She lives in Thailand.  The average family income where she lives is $27 for those who find work in this impoverished farming community.  For the many families who don’t . . . they have nothing.

God has given the incredible privilege to sponsor Mingkwan and children like her through Compassion International, a Christ-centered charity that feeds, clothes, cares for, educates, and introduces children around the world to the One who loves them most (see Mark 10:13-16, Matthew 18:14).

We have the opportunity to sponsor Jesus.

My faith in Jesus is not only that He has saved me, but that He lives among the poor and the needy and He wants me to find Him there.

Mingkwan is changing me.  She loves roosters.  I didn’t used to love roosters, but now I do.  I didn’t used to know how much a four-year-old’s “correspondence” of scribbles could mean.  But now I do.

But more than anything, Mingkwan is changing how I think about $38.


Change the way you think about $38 at Compassion.

A message for all believers from the apostle John:

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

(1 John 3:18, NIV)


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