Why do we need healing?

We cannot heal ourselves.  Just as there is nothing a broken toaster can’t repair itself, so we cannot repair ourselves.

We also cannot pay back.  We cannot erase away our mistakes any more than a broken toaster can erase away the time it has been broken.  Even if we could create something new, we are still stuck with the time we spent as our fallen selves, and that time separates us from God eternally.  There is no way we can undo our rebellion against Him, or the rift we have created from Him.  Since we cannot go back and make up for lost time any more than the broken toaster will be able to one day make up for even a single minute of unproductivity, we must hope for someone who can not only repair our brokenness but also pay for the time we have lost.

God must choose to come and save us or else we will stay broken and never be able to pay back the lost time, or the damage we’ve caused by our brokenness.  Just as a faulty toaster can burn down a whole house, our brokenness causes pain and misery for others (and ourselves).

Unlike that broken toaster, though, we chose to break down.  We chose through sin–all of us–to stop working for God.  And what we found is that there is no work we can do for anyone else than will restore us.  The broken toaster is dangerous when plugged in, a fire hazard . . . and we are dangerous when we try to work apart from God, leading only to our own destruction.

But why would God allow us to break down?  Why wouldn’t He have made us so we could never self-destruct?

We live in a universe where living beings have free wills, from angels all the way down to insects.

Humans have a special free will: the will between good and evil[1].  With that free will, we chose to fall.  We have cut ourselves off from the life of God.  And God will not restore us by force.  Just as He gave us a free will to start with, He will give us our free will to end with.  We have to choose to be with Him to live with Him for eternity.  He will not make us.

Our suffering does not mean we were made by a Creator who gave us no meaning or could care less about us.  Our suffering shows things aren’t working out the way they could have been, if we’d followed God’s one rule to stay away from the knowledge of good and evil.  (And that rule was a total blessing, for the moment we broken the rule, not only did we discover the knowledge of evil, but we chose to act on evil.  God’s rule was to protect us from the ability to do evil, but we decided to break His rule and choose to have the ability to do evil–and we chose evil, both at the same time.)

And now we can’t go back to the Garden of Eden and undo Adam’s choice or our choice to follow in his footsteps.  The bad choice we made with our free will has locked us out of using our free will for righteousness!  When we used our free will to fall, our free will fell.

Only with Christ did our free will to choose righteousness once again become a possibility[2]. Christ restored our free will by freeing us from the eternal lockdown sin had on our will, and by wiping away our sin if we use that free will to come back to Him.

Why would a loving God allow us to continue in the state we’re in?

Because He is giving us a chance–all of us–to use the free will that Christ has restored so we can choose His forgiveness and grace.

Open your ears, and come to me! Listen so that you may live! I will make an everlasting promise to you- the blessings I promised to David.  (Isaiah 55:3, GWT)

All whom the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. (Jesus, quoted in John 6:37, TNIV)

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Jesus, quoted in Matthew 11:28b, NLT)


[1] Angels have this special free will too, but once they make a choice for evil, they have no ability to come back to righteousness because they have no opportunity for redemption.  I could try to guess why this is, but the truth is, I know very little about angels and they are supernatural beings to me.  So I won’t begin to speculate about why they immediately fall past redemption when they choose evil, other than to recognize that there is no reason to believe they want to be restored to God, and to recognize that God is far wiser than I am and that He is love and knows things I cannot possibly even begin to imagine without making an utter fool of myself.

[2] Those who were saved before Christ came to earth had faith that one day Christ would empower them to be able to choose eternity with God.  Their faith was counted as righteousness because they believed Christ’s righteousness would one day cover them (see Romans 4, especially 4:22)!

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