Can life come out of nothing?

We can’t download a youtube video that shows the origin of the universe (although even that wouldn’t be an observation).  But could there be an experiment to show life can come out of nothing?

In a famous experiment to test evolution many years back (Miller-Urey), scientists tried to simulate the environment needed for life to begin spontaneously.  They put various gases together with electricity to try to simulate a random origin of the universe.

They made amino acids[1], which are sometimes the basic building blocks of life, but the scientists did not make life.  (See footnote [1] for more info.)

But even if a t-rex had jumped out of the test tubes, this experiment would not have been able to help prove that something can come out of nothing.

To do that, I would have to have an experiment with nothing.

Because where would the gases come from?  Where would the electricity come from?

Have you ever had a child “make” you something?  The child brings a picture or a Play-Doh® sculpture or a string of beads and says proudly, “Look at what I made you!”

Our response is not (nor should it be!), “Actually, you didn’t make that.  I gave you the crayons, pencils, scissors, Play-Doh®, beads, etc. to use.  What you did was turn what I gave you into something that looks different.  But you did not ‘make’ anything.  If I could take the crayon off the paper, I would have what I originally gave you.  If I balled up the Play-Doh®, I would have my Play-Doh® back.  If I unstrung the beads, I could have my beads back.”

The child has used supplies given to give back something beautiful and special.  But the child did not ‘create’.

In the same way, if I use gas and electricity and so forth and say I ‘created’ something, I’m wrong.

But even if I could get a t-rex to appear out of nothing . . . I would still actually not be able to explain the origin of the universe (although I’d have a very interesting youtube video).

Why wouldn’t this prove something can come out of nothing?  Because in the example with the t-rex, it might be that the matter already present and the intelligence already present somehow accounted for the dinosaur’s springing into being.

The only way I could prove that something could come out of nothing—a spontaneous generation of the universe—is to have nothing.  We would have to cease to exist.  Everything would have to vanish.  All of everything would have to be gone–and not just the everything I understand.   Everything of everything.

And then, if a t-rex appeared, then I could prove the theory.

Believing the universe came to being out of nothing . . . takes faith.

But it is the right faith?

Lord, I give myself to you;
my God, I trust you.
Do not let me be disgraced;
do not let my enemies laugh at me.
No one who trusts you will be disgraced,
but those who sin without excuse will be disgraced. (Psalm 25:1-3, NCV)


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