How can I be free if I have a Master?

You can be free.  I know because I have been made free.  Jesus makes an incredible promise to us:

Everything the Father gives me will come to me, and I’ll never turn away the one who comes to me. (John 6:37, ISV)

God Himself will take you in!  He promises!

Sometimes people have gotten really confused about what this redemption looks like.  Even Christians have gotten very confused when we have tried to describe the redemption that takes place.

Holding a card in your hand and saying an “ABC” prayer is not necessarily accepting Christ’s redemption.  Hearing an altar call and going down to the front of a church one week is also not necessarily accepting Christ’s redemption.  Christ’s redemption is radical

Radical redemption brings a radical change in lifestyle.  What I think a lot of Christians have failed to convey in an explanation of salvation is that redemption is a good Master buying you from an evil master.  But you still have a Master!

Sadly, sometimes Christians are scared to talk about the nature of Jesus Christ as Master with nonbelievers.  But shirking this issue causes us to downplay the God-ness and authority of Jesus Christ, as well as the commitment that comes naturally from accepting His Lordship.  Many people have heard that to be saved you “believe in the Lord Jesus” (see Acts 16:31, for example).  The problem is, many people today have lost the meaning of “Lord”.

Lord means boss.  So accepting Christ’s redemption isn’t just like taking a present and walking away.  It is like a person freed from all debts who goes to work for the one who freed him/her.

Remember, this Master who saves us is the same one who adopts us as His children, who treats us as equal heirs to His Father’s throne, like brothers and sisters (for example, Ephesians 1:5, Romans 8:17, John 14:2).  Our relationship with God is so huge it cannot be fully understood in just one analogy.  Jesus is our Master, our Father, our brother, and our friend.  He is truly the fullness described in Ephesians 1:23:

the fullness of him who fills all in all. (Ephesians 1:23b)