In Bangladesh .3% of people identify themselves as Christians.

In Bangladesh, .3% of the people identify themselves as Christians[1].

3 out of every 1,000 people.  3.

3.  Out of every 1,000.  3.

Today, I got 2 letters in the mail.  Both were from a child Compassion International has given me the opportunity to love on, communication with, and pray for.

She wrote me that she is from a Hindu family, but that she learns about Jesus through the Compassion International sponsored program in Bangladesh.  She told me she knows Jesus can forgive her sins.

I don’t know what she believes in her heart.  She knows about Jesus, but her family and her world are far from Christianity.  About 90% of Bangladesh is Islamic, another 9%, like her family, is Hindu[1].

Compassion International doesn’t force children or their families to become Christians (which of course, is an oxymoron anyway: the gift of Christ is for those who choose Him and cannot be ordered upon anyone) to receive their nutritional support, medical check-ups, tutoring, playtime and sports opportunities, or parenting classes.  Instead, they give all of these services freely in Jesus’ name.  And through this, the eleven-year-old girl who writes me has been introduced to Jesus.

I already knew Compassion shares Jesus.  I already knew Compassion uses the Message and acts of service of Jesus Christ to invite people in hopeless poverty to live in His class-free love.

But what overwhelmed me today is that Jesus has used me, too.

“I have memorized the verse that you sent.”

She wrote me that today.  Months ago, I sent a verse to her.  I encouraged her to memorize it.

And now she has.

My prayer is that a fire will burn inside the hearts of Christians to follow our Lord Jesus in sharing the Gospel with the whole earth.

It is possible to share Jesus with Bangladesh.

It is possible for all believers to share Jesus with Bangladesh.

It is possible for you, if you love Jesus, to share that love with a child in Bangladesh.

Please help.  We don’t have souls to waste.

To all my Christian brothers and sisters out there: Please pray to God to see if He wants you to sponsor a child in Bangladesh.  Please.

I am certain that the Lord will take care of the cause of the poor, and of the rights of those who are troubled. (Psalm 140:12, BBE)

[1] Wikipedia,, accessed November 23, 2011

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