What If

The value of the unborn child rests in the value of human life.

Those with a low value of human life choose to abort or allow abortion.  Those with a high value vote against abortion and try to take a stand against it.

What if . . .

What if I believed that God not only created human life . . . but died to save the very humans who rebelled against Him?  If I believed that, what price could I put on human life?  How valuable?  What would be the cost of a life God himself died to save?  Could I estimate it?  Could I write it on a price tag?  Could I sell it?  Could I afford to lose it for any price?

And what if I believed that God has an irrevocable sense of justice?  What if I believed God was going to judge all of humanity someday?  What if I believed God fights for the weak and defends the helpless?  What if I believed God reacts in wrath to oppression and with hate to the merciless?

Now what if I believed that God had a special mandate about the value of children . . . and the condemnation of those who mislead them?  What would I think a God like that might do to someone who murders them?

What if I believed that God saw children as a special blessing from His hand?  What if I believed that the way God creates children is intimate and individual?  What if I thought that each child was created in the image of God, our eldest ancestor (Adam) breathed into being by God?  What if I believed humanity was an unveiled mystery, the crowning glory of the creation of all we see?

What if I knew abortion is murder?

What if I knew abortion is the death of the smallest, youngest, most helpless children?

What if I knew life mattered?

The testimony is this, that God gave to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. (1 John 5:11, WEB)

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