Christmas Countdown: Day 4

Dear Lord,

Peace, I pray for peace.

I don’t pray for “peace” in the way that means people who are suffering keep quiet and the oppressors win.

I pray for real peace: knowing I am safe in Your hands.

The world is so without peace.  We are so without peace that we don’t even know what peace is.  We think it’s social tranquility, or compliance, or getting lots of stuff, or fulfilling dreams that are over as soon as we turn into dust.  We don’t understand that peace is nothing we can order or mass produce or legislate or will.

Help me, Jesus, to remember that peace is friendship with You.  Not with the world, not with friends, not with family.  Every friendship in my life can be ruined or taken away . . but never the friendship You give through You.

But I am so prone to spending the least time with You.  I am so susceptible to filling my head, to consuming my time with, to breaking my heart over all that does not bring peace.  Why, Lord?  Why is it so easy to live comfortably in unease and distress and so difficult to trust in You, when I know You as the one who came through when it mattered most: at the cross?

I pray for peace.

That is, I pray for friendship with You.

In Jesus’ Name,



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