Christmas Countdown: Day 6

Dear Lord,

Create for me a heart of sacrifice to replace my selfish one.

I want to molt from who I was into who you want me to be.

I want to sacrifice what matters to me for what matters to You, because You matter most.

I want to sacrifice everything I hold close that needs to be cast away: what tempts me, what misleads me, all the grudges I nurse, all that I want to hoard for myself and keep away from others, whatever turns my eyes from You to stare at Hell instead.  Before I ever sacrifice anything worthy or beautiful, I want to sacrifice these ugly things, these unwanted things, these things that seek to do me in.  I want to burn them on Your altar of forgiveness so that I can pour my life out as a living sacrifice to You, who poured Your eternal life out for me, Jesus.

Lord, I want to sacrifice everything I’m not supposed to be for all that You see in me.

In Jesus’ Name,



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Photograph is under Creative Commons License.


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