Christmas Countdown: Day 9

Dear Lord,

I pray for warmth.

It is so easy to go through the motions on the holidays like typing on a keyboard. Kisy sd ,u jsmfd vsm rsdo;u nr ,ods;ohmrf ejrm O yu[r smf yu[r s mrddshr yhsy mskrd no drndr

(Just as my hands can easily be misaligned when I type and type a message that makes no sense . . .)

. . . so my heart can easily be misaligned at Christmas and I can focus on everything except You, creating nothing but an unintelligible waste out of the time You give each year to relive Hope’s birth.  How can there be peace, how can there be charity, how can there be grace or love at Christmas without You?  What is that?  Mas?  What is Mas?  Nothing more than an affix that makes no sense without its root word.

I pray for warmth this Christmas.  Not from yule logs or hot cocoa, but from the everlasting fire of Your Presence.

I pray for Your love to descend on me so that I can never grow cold again.  I pray You will heat my heart to burn for the world around me, the world that does not know . . .

You are the wonder in this winter.

You are the carol in the street.

You are the present under the tree.

And You are the only warmth in an eternal season of cold.

Our sin is winter, Lord, but You are summer.

In Jesus’ Name,


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