Christmas Countdown: Day 10

Dear Lord,

I don’t know of any kings who sleep in stables, and yet that the beginning is Your story as a man.

How is it possible that You could come down quietly into the womb of a poor woman, that You could be carried for nine months and we wouldn’t even know it?

How is it possible that God could be born as a baby in a barn?

How is it possible that You could want to rescue humans who have never given You their wholehearted allegiance, who most commonly abandon You for cheap interests, and who You knew would capitalize on the opportunity provided in Your fragility in becoming human to save us . . . to kill You?

How could You ever love us?

How could You ever love us?

Lord, today I pray that I would be meek.

Meek enough to love my enemies.  Meek enough to pray for them, to care for them, to give them what I can.

I pray that I would be meek enough to take on any jobs You have for me, and never think they are too trivial or too demeaning for me to do.  I pray I would never think any service is beneath me, and that I would never imagine I am too dignified to wade through the sewers of this world for lost people.

Please give me a heart that is worthy to serve a King who chooses to be born in an inglorious, scornful, dark, smelly stable to show He is really coming into the world for everyone.

In Jesus’ Name


Hope that you don’t mind our manger

How I wish we would have known

But long-awaited Holy Stranger

Make Yourself at home

Please make Yourself at home . . .

Fragile fingers sent to heal us

Tender brow prepared for thorns

Tiny heart whose blood will save us

Unto us is born

Unto us is born

–Welcome to Our World, Chris Rice

“This is the sign to you: you will find a baby wrapped in strips of cloth, lying in a feeding trough.” (Luke 2:12, WEB)


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My Christmas, My Christ

God has blessed me as only God can: not with stuff, but with Love.

Thank you, Jesus.