Christmas Countdown: Day 22

Dear Lord,

Angels, singing.  Shepherds, rejoicing.  Wise men, giving.  Star, serving.  Oppressed peasants (Mary and Joseph and all who would follow), marveling.

This is the nativity, and this is the worship of You.

But if I had been the wise men in search . . . would I have even seen the star?  Or would I have been too busy hating myself for not being able to find the way?

And if I had been a shepherd in the field . . . would I have run to see Jesus at the angel’s herald?  Or would I have been worrying what would happen to my sheep if I left?

And if I had been the star, would I have been too shy, too afraid of what other stars might think, to point the way?

And if I had been an oppressed peasant . . . would I have been so obsessed with my oppressedness and my peasantness that I missed the One who was going to die to break my oppression and end the poverty of my soul?

Tonight I pray for worship.

Worship is a quality I fail in more so than probably any of the ones I have prayed for so far in this countdown.

Worship is the reaction of focus on You.

Terror, I think, is the reaction of focus on who we are.  Maybe Hell is the permanent tearing away of our eyes from You to stare instead in total fixation at who we are and what we have done.

Sin comes up and blocks our focus from You.  Sin stands in the way of us seeing You.  Terror comes in when we look through our sin and try to see You, because we realize we are trapped on the other side of Your Presence.

In nativity sets, everyone is looking at You.

That is Heaven.

That is worship.

The nativity was only possible because You lay in that manger to die.

If You had come to us for any other reason, all we could have seen when we looked at You was the sin in between us and You, and the greatness we would forever miss out on, the greatness of You.

But You didn’t come for any other reason.

You came to die for us.

And so, I can worship, Jesus.

And I want to.

In Jesus’ Name,


“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (Jesus, quoted in John 4:24, NASB)

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