Christmas Countdown: Day 23

Dear Lord,

I pray for loyalty.

I can be thinking about You and Your purpose for my life one second, and be totally distracted the next.  When I pray, my thoughts move like ping pong balls back and forth between talking to You and thinking about just about every distracting thing in the universe.

I can want to pray, and then suddenly remember something that has nothing to do with my prayer and jump trains of thought from holiness to worldliness in a heartbeat.

I can even know something You have for me to do, but be so distracted by some worry or fear or pleasure that I lose track completely of what You brought to my attention.  Or I can become so angry or upset or excited about something that I stop caring what You want and go my own way, always to disaster.

Lord, I pray for loyalty.  Loyalty after I step out of the church’s doors.  Loyalty after I close my Bible.  Loyalty after I end my prayer.

Loyalty is intentional.

A soldier stays under his commander because he intends to.  He does not carelessly walk into the enemy’s camp.  He does not switch sides halfway through a battle.  He is loyal because he means to be.  Accidentally wandering into the enemy’s camp is not something he allows to happen.  He pays attention to where he is located at all times.  He carefully watches for enemies who might sneak in around him.  He pays attention to the uniforms of the soldiers around him.  He knows the face and voice and signals of his commander.

I pray I will be loyal to You like a soldier to his commander.  I say I want to follow You forever, Jesus, and I do, but I want to follow You right now, too.  Right now is part of forever.  And right now is the time to show I can be trusted behind enemy lines.

There is no comparison ever to the loyalty You showed humanity on the cross.  You chose to hold the nails in Your hands.  You chose to give the next breath to the men who crucified you.  There is no loyalty like Yours.

In Jesus’ Name,


 Dear children, let us not love in words only nor with the lips, but in deed and in truth. And in this way we shall come to know that we are loyal to the truth, and shall satisfy our consciences in His presence in whatever matters our hearts condemn us–because God is greater than our hearts and knows everything. (1 John 3:18-20, Weymouth NT)

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