Christmas Countdown: Day 24

Dear Lord,

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I’ve had 23 prayers leading up to the big day.

Now I pray for obedience to demonstrate the 23 traits I’ve asked for in the 23 prayers.  I pray for more and more obedience every day, so that next December the 25th, if You have kept me on earth for another year, I will see that I have become more and more like You, Jesus, and less and less like the person I used to be.

Obedience has been disregarded as an ugly word in our culture, but I am not ashamed to use it.  You proved Yourself worth every speck of obedience I can give when You lay in a manger, some two thousand years ago, so You could free us from our sins.

It is so easy to come up with qualities I want to have . . feel good about thinking about them . . and then go back to the same destructive habits and bad choices and disabling thinking patterns that I had before.

If my prayers are just that You would instantly give me all the qualities I need in my Christian walk, I’ve failed You.  You have placed me on earth to live in fellowship with You; sin sent me far from You; now You lead me on a journey back to Your Kingdom, a journey bought before I would ever take a single step, bought by the blood of Jesus Christ.

If You choose to deepen the character traits within me through the experiences of this life as I walk with You, so be it.  I know You know best, and that instant is not always best.

And so, rather than pray only for You to instantly give me the traits I need as I follow You, I pray that I would follow You in obedience anyway, realizing that every step towards You takes me one step closer to everything I want to be.

I pray for obedience to follow even when I don’t understand Your plan, even when I don’t feel like it, even when I think I’ll be missing out on what I want.  I pray for obedience that follows whether I’m rich or poor, sick or healthy, hungry or full, exhaustedly tired or super wide awake.  I pray for obedience that follows, obedience that commits, and most of all, obedience motivated by love.

In Jesus’ Name,


It is better to obey than to sacrifice.  ( 1 Samuel 15:22a, NCV)

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