Christmas Countdown: Christmas Day

  1. joy
  2. love
  3. grace
  4. peace
  5. fellowship
  6. sacrifice
  7. charity
  8. hope
  9. warmth
  10. meekness
  11. energy
  12. reverence
  13. forgiveness
  14. purity
  15. faith
  16. reconciliation
  17. growth
  18. realization of freedom
  19. determination
  20. trust
  21. strength
  22. worship
  23. loyalty
  24. obedience

As I look back over this list, I see 24 gifts You have given me and do give me, every single day.

But the greatest Gift of all is who we have named today after, but who cannot be contained to any one day . . . One who holds eternity in His hands, but cares about this present moment:


I don’t know what day your birthday really is.  It could be December 25.  It could be another day, too.  But since this is the day we remember Your birthday around the world, I want to sing Happy Birthday to You today.

Happy birthday to You

Happy birthday to You

Happy birthday, dear Jesus

Happy birthday to You!

But Your birthdays on this earth weren’t about happiness for You.  They were about happiness for us.  Now You are back in the eternal realm, but Your birthday will never, ever be forgotten.  I cannot wait to sit at a table as long as the world is around, a sea of redeemed people in party hats, a sonic boom as everyone blows their noisemakers, to remember Your birthday.  We can’t have a surprise party, of course.  You will know.  Everyone will sit in awe of You, clapping as You take Your seat at the head of the table, bowing down before You.

But no one will give You presents.

Because You are the Giver.  You give out love, eternal life, forgiveness, laughter, peace, holiness . . . everything, everything good has always come from Your hand, and that won’t change ever in all of forever.

We’ll have an epic birthday cake, and each year You can blow out one more candle, every year, forever and ever and ever.

And how we’ll love You, Lord.  How we’ll love You.

How we love You now.

Happy birthday, Jesus.

My prayer today is that Your gift of everlasting life, reconciliation to God, and the pursuit of the only meaning to life (You) is given to every person who lives on this earth right now and has the privilege of another Christmas to turn from their sin, that they would cry out to receive Your free gift of love.

You have more to give than can ever be imagined in the mortal mind.  I pray that everyone reading this, and everyone not reading this–the whole world of people living right now–reach out to take Your gift and do not get tricked by Satan to turn away the one, the only gift that could give them all they will ever need and all they will ever want.

Next Christmas, I want to have another countdown of more ways I can be like You.

In Your Name, Jesus,


For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23, NIV)

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