Top Ten Reasons for Going to Sunday School (Or “Why I don’t think Sunday School is just for kiddies anymore.”)

10.  It’s not just for kiddies.  (Nobody says going back to continue your education at a university is “kiddie”.  Going to Sunday School is like continuing your education with God.  But it’s not about degrees or a pay raise.)  It’s about knowing God and following after Him.

9. You can meet believers who share in your journey towards God.

8.  You can pray for others and ask for prayer for what is heavy on your heart, too.

7.  You can find out ways to serve Jesus in your community–and around the world.

6.  You can receive a deeper understanding for how the Bible is interwoven together to tell the greatest story of all: redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

5.  Your curiosity in the Lord can grow, and you can go home and explore in depth the Scriptures the lesson was on.

4. You can learn ways to share your faith in Jesus with others that you might not have thought about.

3.  You can grow in your courage of sharing your faith in Jesus with others.

2.  You can stay grounded, and not get all weird because you weren’t hearing the thinking of other believers and went on some crazy tangent of Satan’s.

1. You can encounter God.


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