Scripture that is difficult for us to understand

There are Scriptures that are more difficult to understand whether because of misconceptions we bring with us or our sin nature or simply because we are finite beings reading the Word of the infinite God, but that isn’t an excuse to give up or disobey everything we know is true.

Here’s an example.  Let’s suppose you have your friend Bob housesit for you while you’re away on vacation and you leave this note:


Keep the fence gate closed at all time so the dog won’t get out.

Do not eat in the living room.

Water the plants.

Do not make collect calls.

If you use the microwave, press buttons “Time” and “Cook” simultaneously.  Then enter the time you want.  Press the button “Start”.

Now imagine you get back from your vacation, and this is the note you get back.

Thanks for letting me stay in your house.

I didn’t really understand how to use the microwave, so I left the fence gate open, I ate pizza on your couch, I didn’t water any of your plants, and I called my best friend in Hawaii collect.  I’m sure you’ll understand, since I didn’t understand the microwave and all.

Your loving friend,


P.S.  You might want to get new plants.  And a new dog.

“Why do you call me Lord but don’t do what I tell you? I will show you what everyone who comes to me, hears what I say, and obeys it is like. He is like a person who dug down to bedrock to lay the foundation of his home. When a flood came, the floodwaters pushed against that house. But the house couldn’t be washed away because it had a good foundation. The person who hears [what I say] but doesn’t obey it is like someone who built a house on the ground without any foundation. The floodwaters pushed against it, and that house quickly collapsed and was destroyed.” (Luke 6:46-49, GW)

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. (Matthew 25:29, NLT)

I pray that your love will keep on growing because of your knowledge and insight. That way you will be able to determine what is best and be pure and blameless until the day of Christ. Jesus Christ will fill your lives with everything that God’s approval produces. Your lives will then bring glory and praise to God. (Philippians 1:9, GW)

And the prayer of David:

I have more insight than all my teachers, because your written instructions are in my thoughts. (Psalm 119:99, GW)


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