Could all road leads to Heaven?

If all roads lead to Heaven. . . do all passwords lead to access of my stuff?

I hope not.

One access point means authenticity and protection.

I don’t want people getting into my email account.  I don’t want my emails destroyed, or damaging emails sent out.  So I protect my email account with verification and extra verification.  There is only one password for my account, not a free-for-all.  If someone gets into my account–barring a hacker, which is possible in this fallen world–it would be because I trust that person–really, really trust that person.

God doesn’t give us multiple access points.  For one thing, God isn’t letting all His enemies into Heaven so they can try to destroy His Kingdom.  But more importantly, there isn’t any other way to get to Heaven except Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only access point, because Jesus is the only one who can lead us to the Father in spirit and in truth (see John 4:23-24).

There’s no hacking into the Kingdom of God.  God has given one way, and only one way, for us to receive salvation.  What is incredible is that, rather than realize or focus on that God has given us a way to salvation, we often fixate that God has given us only one way to salvation.

It would be a little like me giving a password out that gave an incredible, unprecedented trove of access to anyone to receive, and then people complaining that I’m not fair because I use only one password and not just anything goes.  It doesn’t make any sense.

We don’t, in even our wicked standards, really live where anything is acceptable.  No one I have ever known invites people access into their computer who is intending to maliciously slander them and destroy their life.  (Much less inviting that person into your home–eternally.)

God isn’t going to allow us to enter Heaven just because we think it would be nice for Him to do so.  We’re forgetting–we’re liars, and we don’t know truth!  Without God’s Son as our sacrifice, we are malicious towards God, and can’t act in any other way.

Why would we expect or demand that He should invite people into His Kingdom who don’t want to serve the King?

All roads don’t lead to Heaven.  But that isn’t bad news.  That’s just reality.  The good news is that there is a road that leads to Heaven: Jesus Christ.  He is the access point to God’s love.

Sanctify them through your truth: your word is truth. (Jesus’ prayer to His Father before His death, praying for His followers–quoted in John 17:17, AKJV)


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