The Talking God

Every one of us lost God’s phone number when we sinned in Adam.

And without God’s number, we have no way of getting ahold of Him.

Well, the problem gets even worse than that.  Since the time Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, we have chosen to live without God and go our own way.   It wasn’t just that we lost His number.  In our rebellion, we tore down the cell phone tower, too.

We unfixably broke our contact with God.  We can’t build righteousness out of sinfulness to create a new connection.  We are hopelessly stuck in the middle of our sin with no way to call for rescue.

Since God is the only One who can give the gift of communication to Him, we have no way to get communication back.  We can’t even talk to Him, since we destroyed the communication made possible by the natural state of holiness  God created us in.

Holiness was the way God made Adam and Eve, so talking to God was purely natural.  But now, communication is impossible–if we have to be the ones to dial up.  Now, talking to God must be supernatural, or it will never take place.

But why would God want to talk to us again?  Why not just leave the broken phone line in place?  After all, God would never have to see our sin again, listen to our whining, or see the selfishness and cruelty of humanity if He just left us disconnected.

But God is the Great Operator.

Ever since Adam fell, God has been talking to us.

He talked to Adam and Eve.  He talked to Cain.  He talked to Enoch and Noah.  He talked to Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and Gideon.  He talked to Samuel, David, Nathan, and Solomon.  He talked to Daniel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.  And all the while He was talking through them to the world.

All this talking was getting the world ready for the greatest communication of all.  Not a long distance connection, but a meeting face to face.

God came to see us, and the world didn’t even know it.  He proved Himself to be God, and, for the most part, only “unimportant people” faithfully believed in Him.  The world asked Him for credentials, and He gave them God the Father, but it wasn’t enough for them.  They asked Him for healing, and He gave it freely, but what they really wanted was theatrics, wealth, and power.  His sermons on love, generosity, and humility didn’t go over any better then than they would now.

But still, God talked.  He talked until the day the world killed Him for His talking.

Then there were three days of silence.

Three days of total silence from Heaven.

Now it wasn’t just that we had lost our cell phone, or God’s number, or that we’d cut the connection line.  It was that the Operator was gone.  And there was no one to talk to on the other end.  It was all over.

Or that was what we thought.

But we were wrong.

Out of the blue, the talking started again.

Jesus came back.

In one act, He had reconnected the phone lines, engineered new cell phones for us, and purchased an unlimited access plan from humanity to God.


The True God is the Talking God.

And that is how I know Him.

For through [Jesus] we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. (Ephesians 2:18, ESV)


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Cell Phone Tower Photograph by Richard Smith, profile on

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