“There’s an app for that.”

I don’t know who started the phrase, but it’s come to express what has become a growing reality: whatever you need, there is an app on your iphone made just for it.

Need to find out how many calories were in the meal you just ate?  There’s an app for that.  Need to flip a coin to see who pays for the meal?  There’s an app for that, too.  Need to calculate the tip for your waiter?  There’s an app for that.   Want to write a review of the restaurant?  There’s an app for that.  Want to throw birds at pigs while you wait for your receipt?

There’s an app for that.

With all the things there are apps for, it seems like technology’s self-sufficiency at meeting our needs (and wants) keeps climbing, until one day we might be able to carry around only an iphone and receive everything we want.

But that’s not really going to happen.  Maybe one day we’ll be able to do all our daily business from our phones, and feed all our entertainment desires, but we’ll never find an app for everything.

Because our greatest needs can’t be apped.

I can’t find forgiveness through an app.  I can find distraction from my guilt–but no forgiveness.

I can’t find courage through an app.  I can find games that make me seem brave–but no courage.

I can’t find joy through an app.  I can find ways to make my life more efficient or easier–but no joy.

I can’t find the love I’m searching for through an app.  I can find people through social networking apps, but it is only by their communication–and not technology–that I can feel any love from them at all.  And even then, even if I have thousands of fans and dozens of friends. . I’m not going to find the everlasting love or the self-sacrificing love that I’m looking for.

There’s not an app for that.

As useful as apps can be to navigate through the day, they are completely helpless to aid the longings or condition of the soul.  For that, we must find a personal God, who has the power to forgive us, love us, and fill us.

There’s no app that can find God for us.


Just like a bookshelf can hold a Bible, there are electronic bookshelves that hold the Bible.  A bookshelf can’t lead you to God . . . but God’s Word that is on the shelf can.

That’s just downright awesome.

All right, for my app lovers out there, this one’s for you:

Where can I find an electronic bookshelf holding the Word of the one and only God?

There’s an app for that.

The word of the Lord spread throughout the whole region. (Acts 13:49, GW)


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