Special delivery

There’s something about a package IN THE MAIL . . . . .

even if you’ve ordered it, there’s a bit of mystery.  You don’t know for sure what’s inside.  And if you haven’t ordered it, even better!  You wonder if someone has thought of you, or if it’s a company campaign to get you to to buy their products.

My favorite surprise package was a ginormous, huge, supertumblywumbly cardboard box.  I was about 7.  The only clue was the word “Kodak”.  I had no idea what it was, but my mom had a suspicious grin on her face.

I was invited to open it, both by the package itself, I felt, and, at last, my mother.  It took her a whole 8 seconds or so to give me permission.  I got scissors and probably would have gone to the ER if Mom hadn’t decided maybe she had better do the opening.

I wound up with four stuffed animals of brilliant colors.  My mom had sent a bunch of film in (resolving the “Kodak” mystery) to buy all four animals.  They probably only cost $1,000 worth (I’m kidding) of film or so.  Other than that, they were totally free.  Anyway, they were worth it even if they DID cost $1,000.  I played with those critters until I started driving (I’m kinda kidding), and even after that they got to be the eye-popping color splash in my room (regardless of whether they had anything to do with the interior decoration).  Now they grace my classroom at school–except I keep them on the top shelf.  They are rather important, and they seem to know it.

I think, deep down inside us, just about everybody wants a package to come in the mail they weren’t expecting, one that has just the kind of delight inside that sings, You matter big-time to somebody.

You know, when God wanted to let us know how much He loved us, He didn’t send us a package by mail.  Instead, He sent His Son.  It was a surprise–the angels had to clue people in on what was happening or there would have been no worshipers that first Christmas night.  And the gift wasn’t really understood, because Jesus did something no one expected: He chose to die.

The gift was always going to be His death–just, nobody understood.  Nobody thought that the gift from Heaven would be God Himself dying.  Such a thing had to be impossible, didn’t it?  But Jesus gave up His immortality for the single purpose of dying for us.

The package was opened for all the world to see, but the gift never ran out.  You see, Christ took on sin, became sin the Bible says, for all our sakes.  Why?

As God, He had the infinite ability to pay for sin.  And as man, He had the finite ability to die.

Jesus is the special delivery you’ve been waiting for that says, You matter big-time to somebody.  Only, the somebody is GOD.

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:23-24, ESV)

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