Little things

It’s funny how little things can just drive me nuts.  I was so mad about being forced to switch to timeline on facebook.  (By the time you read this, the format of facebook could have changed again.)  I was STEAMED when I got into my facebook account on Monday and, after all those warnings that the new format was coming, my profile page was suddenly changed over.  I don’t like to be “made” to do something by a website.  I actually had to pray about my anger over facebook!

The downside is that little things can drive me nuts . . but the upside is that little things can build me up.  I had a guy I comment on my posture at the fitness where I work out.  I’ve been going there to do simple walking laps on the track as I focus on my posture.  More than likely, I’ll remember his words all my life.  I’ve been working to reverse the curve in my back as much as possible.  Sometimes I feel bummed, because it’s difficult, and his kind words boosted me big time.

Isn’t it the little looks, the little words, the little repeated behaviors, that often start the giant changes in our lives?  I remember a school where the nurse gave every child who came to her a sticker.  She got a lot of sick calls!

My mom, just this morning, bringing me coffee and strawberry biscuits in bed.

A phone call from a friend.  As we talk, we sharpen our devotion to God.

Last year’s birthday, when a science author I met once as a teenager sent a birthday card to me.  It was the first card I got, and wouldn’t you know it was on a day I was really feeling down?

A friend who left a giant shopping bag of clothes on my chair at work.  A friend had given them to her and she couldn’t wear them.  With expenses as they are, I wasn’t sure whether to cry in joy or do the Snoopy happy dance.

The Bible talks about the little things, too.

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11, NLT)

The church Paul wrote already worked to “encourage each other” and “build each other up“.  But would he write that to me?  Is that my MO: encourager and builder upper?

Our pastor challenged us to a throwdown mission this week: to outdo someone in their service to us.  He warned that this is no easy thing to do.  It’s not easy to be more of a servant than a waitress, the cashier at the gas station, or the clerk who files your taxes, sure . . but it’s more than that.  What about husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, friends?

The goal, according to Jesus,  is to work our way to the bottom.  That doesn’t mean we try to degrade ourselves or sprinkle dirt on our head.  It means we treat others better than ourselves.  Meaning, when I don’t feel like building someone up because I’m bummed that facebook switched to timeline, I build them up anyway.

Meaning, when the waiter serves my soup and it isn’t even hot and it is soup of all things, I don’t rip him apart.

Meaning, when the neighbors’ cats come and lay on my cushioned lawn chairs and leave beautiful trails of hair on the seat so that when I sit on them after work my nice clothes become furry, I don’t think bad thoughts about my neighbors.

Meaning, when I can’t find my cheese stick in the refrigerator at work and I am a hundred percent positive someone ate it, I don’t rant in the lunch room.  (Especially if I find out I was totally wrong later and it was hidden under the mayonnaise.)

My goal this week is to search for things that “encourage” & “build” and hold back from things that “discourage” and “destroy“–no matter of what “little importance” they might seem.

Little things have a way of growing into big things over time.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” (Luke 16:10a, NLT)

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