My soul

If at any point in my life I forget God, if at any point I abandon Him to throw my life to any other thing, I have lost not only my life (to be ripped to pieces by trivial things) . . but I have sold my eternal nature to the most alluring bidder.

In all sin, each one, I lose my soul–forever.

This is the fall.  It is not so far removed as ages past when the first woman reached out and picked the forbidden fruit off the tree.  It is right now, as my hand reaches for the same phantom delight that will bring me only Hell.

I thank God that I am not the safe-keeper of my soul.  I thank God that I have given my soul to Him.  For I do not trust that for a moment of my day I could last the temptation to hand away for all eternity that which would bring me a second of horrific satisfaction.

Thank God, for I have handed my soul to Him.

How I did it was oafish and sinful–until the moment my hands held up my soul.  Really, I had just begun to lift it, and, though I would have fallen on my face and broken my own soul in a million pieces were it by my own efforts or special words, in that instant, God reached down.  He took my soul from me in love that breathes life into dust.

And though I have asked many stupid things of God, I have never once asked Him to give me back my soul.

Keep my soul forever, Jesus.  What grace is in You to take it from me, worthless as it was, and pour the greatest of treasure of all on it, Your blood! 

Keep my soul forever, Jesus. What love You have to give Your breath–the breath of God–to resuscitate my soul–the soul of the worst sinner!

Keep my soul forever, Jesus.  What is the measure of Your forgiveness, that You have seen inside my soul and cleaned without a word to my enemies about its damning filth and without the shove of Your hands for me to leave Your Presence!

Keep my soul forever, Jesus.  I love you.

As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. (Psalm 42:1b, GW)


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