The Fight

We must realize that Satan is


for our souls.

He is stronger than us, and he knows it.  He will always take our souls away from us, no matter what battle we would wage against him.  We can


any way we like in our own power and we will never resist him.


Satan is weaker than Jesus, and he knows it.  Satan will never take souls away from Jesus, no matter what battle Satan would wage against Him.  Satan cannot


hard enough to conquer God.

Satan has killed the Son of God, the only Person of the Godhood who can be killed (because Jesus chose to wear mortality over His immortality that He might die for us).

Satan can do no more to Jesus, except that he can strike at His followers, and this is not to win the war, but a lash out of vengeance.  But even if Satan fells a follower of Christ on the battlefield, he cannot claim the body.  Jesus was once dead, paid totally for sin, and holds the keys to Hades and Death on a keyring.

Jesus has been raised by His Father to the highest of glory and honor.  He sits on the throne of God and rules all kingdoms under His feet.  If He claims someone, He has them forever.  And if He walks on enemy ground, the enemy falls on their knees before Him.  The very breath of His mouth will one day kill Satan.  That’s how mighty He is.

We can


And Satan can


But God can


I do not trust in my bow,

my sword does not bring me victory;

but you give us victory over our enemies,

you put our adversaries to shame.

In God we make our boast all day long,

and we will praise your name forever.       Selah

(Psalm 44:6-8, NIV)

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. (Zechariah 4:6b, NIV)


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