Published too soon

I am starting to have a problem with WordPress that, as I am in the middle of typing a blog, ZAP!–I hit the wrong button and it publishes.  The problem is, it is not READY to publish.  Besides the typos, unclear sentences, and overly chatty way I tend to say things–that all have to be edited out–I am not even FINISHED with the thought.  Halfway in, ZING!–and published to my facebook is a blog.  It’s something like ordering shoes and finding only one shoe in the box.

I don’t like for people to see my work halfway done.  My thought looks disheveled and my words unplanned.  And I don’t like to have a bunch of typos in my work, either.  It tends to look like I don’t care much for what I am doing (and it’s embarrassing).

Accidentally publishing a half-done work is extremely frustrating, but it is nothing compared to publishing a half-done life.  I don’t want to die in the middle of a thought.  I don’t want to die half-ready for God.  That doesn’t sound like a plan.

How ready we are to die doesn’t actually depend on how old we are.  It depends most on whether we belong to Christ.  And if we do belong to Christ, it depends on how faithfully we have been following Him.  There is no shame in dying at age 15 in the middle of a close walk with Him.  But there is a great deal of remorse in dying at age 75 in the middle of a prodigal-wandering stray . . or a “vacation from God’s work”.

I want to be ready any moment of my life to publish my life.  I want to follow Jesus in every moment I have.

I don’t want to publish . . half-done.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2 Timothy 4:7, HCSB)


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