He could have

He could have come as the fastest runner on the planet, but He didn’t.

He could have come as the world champion boxer . . but He didn’t.

He could have won every event in the Olympics . . . . but He didn’t.

He could have set the world record on the high jump, or made the all-star basketball team, or been the best quarterback to ever set foot in the NFL.

He could have taken home ten golf trophies or a hundred MVP’s or even worn a thousand world series rings.

He could have had all the airtime on all the networks He wanted.  He could have produced the greatest movies on the planet.  He could have patented every invention.  He could have won every game show.  He could have had all of Hollywood follow like an eager puppy wherever He went.  He could have lived in wealth that would have made Bill Gates look like a child with a piggy bank.

He could have been invited to every red carpet event.  He could have owned the biggest companies.  He could have been on the front cover of every magazine.  He could have been greeted by applause wherever He went, won awards, signed autographs, bought islands.

But He didn’t.

He could have tried to impress us, but instead He washed our feet.

He could have mocked our sin, but instead He let sinners mock Him.

He could have had all the somebodys as His friends, but most of them hated Him because He loved the nobodies.

He could have shown His strength to the world.  But instead, He let the world spit on Him.

He could have stayed immortal–but He chose to die.

He could have destroyed everyone who led Him to the cross, but instead He gave life to everyone who would follow Him there.

He could have revealed His power and come down from the cross.  But instead He chose to reveal His love and stay there.

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. (Ephesians 3:19, NLT)


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