To be pursued

For the man who pursued me . . Dearheart, thank you.

The Pursuit

There is one scene in chick flicks I could watch over and over and over again.

Ok, there are a lot of scenes in chick flicks I could watch over and over and over again.  But I want to talk about just one.

It’s where the guy runs after the girl.

She may be in a car, on a boat, in a train, or on a plane, but he’s running after her.

He’s running for all he’s worth, chasing whatever the going-faster-than-him thing she’s taking to get away from him is.  The relationship is over, it’s done, they’re history, and she’s given up.

But he’s running.

And every chickie girl in the theater is screaming in her heart for him to run faster.

I’m one of those chickie girls.

You know those movies where a guy is running and cars are chasing him and guns are shooting at him?  That is nothing like the suspense a true-blue chick flick can have on a girl’s heart.

RUN!  RUN!!!!!  RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CATCH HER!  CATCH HER!!!!!!!!!

It’s an obligation of chickiehood to cheer him on.

In the end, you know how the story goes.  He jumps on a motorcycle, or a speedboat, or one of those little cart thingies that usually takes luggage to the airplane but can go super fast when a guy is wanting to catch a girl.  Or he just runs faster, waves his arms, and yells.

And the girl does not hear him.  She does not see him.

She has headphones on, or she’s talking to someone, or she’s napping, or she’s texting.  She’s doing something, but what she’s not doing is looking at him.  She doesn’t even notice.

LOOK!  LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be socially awkward for me to stand up on the theater seat and throw popcorn at the screen to try to get her attention, so I don’t.  But my soul itches for her to look.

So he runs harder.  The motorcycles revs.  The speedboat goes into another gear.  The cart thingy flies down the runaway at jet speed.

And he’s yelling now at the top of his lungs, waving his arms, staring as intently as he can at her.

But she does not hear him.  She does not see him.

She keeps chewing gum, or reading a magazine, or crying into a handkerchief.

And now it doesn’t matter if it’s socially awkward or not.  Popcorn must be thrown at the movie screen.  And cell phones.  And shoes.  Anything to get her attention.

But this is a battle that the brave man must fight, and fight he does.  As the chickies in the audience dab at their hearts with the handkerchief of hope, something miraculous happens.

His heart bursting inside him, he runs like a NASCAR.  His motorcycle cuts through the road like a mower through grass.  His speedboat slices through the water like a knife through jello.  His cart thingy beats the plane to the end of the runway.

And at last–at last!–she sees him.

This is the reason we chickies paid the $8 (or more) for the ticket.  This is the big moment.

She sees him.  And the plane or train or taxi or boat or rocket ship stops.  And there’s this second of suspense.  And then she comes running out and he opens his arms to her and picks her up and they kiss.

And we chickies don’t remember what happens after that nearly so much, because this was the part we were waiting for.

That was it: to see him pursue her.

That was why we watched the movie.

That is what I long for in the depths of my heart, and that’s what chick flicks market to, except I want it to be me and not “her”.  The ache in my heart is to be chased, pleaded for, and won over.

How cool and how cool and how really cool that God knows this about us girls.  It’s as if He’s been paying attention to our chick flicks, and He knows what we long for most.

Nah!  That isn’t it at all.  The truth is, He knew that about us way before Hollywood was even a city.  All those chick flicks about the pursuit of a him to a her are imitations of something very real that is going on every day.  It’s the battle for my heart.

God is in pursuit of us.  Me!  You!  Us!  He really is!  He wants you to be His child, He wants you to belong to His Kingdom, He wants to protect you from the perils of Hell, and He wants to bring you to Heaven with Him.

God is chasing after you.  God is!!!  Ever since we turned from Him, He has been trying to win us back.  He seeks you, He loves you, and He took the most extreme sacrifices of all to get you.  He followed you from the Garden of Eden to the wilderness.  He followed you from life to death.  He even went down to the grave so He could bring you back up!

In chick flick movies, the guy goes through all the trouble of chasing after the girl because he feels like he needs her.  He has a self-serving reason to catch up with her.  But God has no such motive when it comes to us.  He doesn’t need us at all–but He pursued us because He knew we needed Him.  That’s the incredulity of the pursuit of God; He pursues us not so that He can be loved by us, but so that we can be loved by Him.

This is how God’s love was revealed among us: God sent his unique Son into the world so that we might live through him. (1 John 4:9, ISV)


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  1. sounds familial to a little book titled “blood hounds of God” once they get on your trail they are going to catch you. God is you. papa

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