My Two New Year Resolutions: A Friend’s Blog

From a friend blogger who has ALS . . extraordinary insight on resolutions, why we nearly always struggle to keep them . . . and where our sights should be set.

My Two New Year Resolutions

Unshakable Hope

In the years before I had ALS, I made and broke, usually quickly, more New Year resolutions than I care to remember. I became so bad at keeping my resolutions that I quit making them. But I began making resolutions again about 6 years ago and actually succeeded in keeping a few of them – resolutions like committing to follow a daily Bible reading program, which I’ve done several times and will do this year also. But following a daily Bible is more like a renewed commitment for me so it’s not one of the new resolutions I’m referring to in this post.

ALS has taken away a lot of the things I wanted to change about myself. Unfortunately it’s also taken away many of the things that I didn’t want to change. For example;

  • I am fed through a feeding tube now so I no longer have to make…

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