2013 Resolution

I can forsake blow-drying my hair in the morning and just pull it back quick.

I can forsake picking out an adorable outfit and just grab something that works.

I can forsake a long breakfast, like pancakes & milk or oatmeal & orange juice.

I can even forsake a short breakfast, like a bowl of cereal.

I can definitely forsake checking my emails and facebook.

. . If it comes down to it, I can even forsake brushing my teeth and taking a shower.  (Gross, right?)

But I cannot, I should not, I will not forsake reading the Word of God for such trivial things.

It is my resolution for 2013.

I would rather look slung together on the outside and be all hungry in my stomach than be slung together on the inside and be all hungry in my soul.

If God’s Word is not the priority in my morning . . then what is?  Looking nice is nice . . but that’s all it is.  Sure, I want to look nice.  Sure, I want to take care of myself.  But is that more important to me than having a pure soul?  Why would it matter more to me to check my facebook than to check what God has to say for my day?  Something doesn’t make sense here.

My goal is to get up early enough to have a leisurely morning of devotion time, prayer, and getting ready for the day.

But if I mess up in the future–unlike in the past–I am holding myself accountable to cutting the trivial and keeping the Life.

“You have the words of eternal life.” (Peter talking to Jesus, John 6:68, NIV)

“These instructions are not empty words–they are your life!” (Moses about God’s Word, Deuteronomy 32:47a, NLT)

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” (Jesus, quoted in John 6:63, ESV)

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