The Prelude, Song 2: The Teen and the Running Away from the Melody

  • My mom taking me to Hallmark the night we had a farewell party for my best friend.  She bought me a Beanie Baby seal and a duck in a raincoat because I was feeling very bad.
  • The first four-leaf clover I found
  • The tiny lizard I saved from the spiderweb.
  • Having the best and most neatest apron because Mrs. Erante (my home economics teacher) sewed mine except a little bit–because I was pitifulllll at home economics.
  • Ayden, in Quest for Camelot
  • Refusing to dissect a frog in biology (high school and college), on matters of principal.  😉
  • The Hungarian clerks who helped me make comforting phone calls home.
  • Warm rain
  • Boromir
  • Seeing a tropical fish my one and only time snorkeling in the ocean
  • Abby not saying anything to my parents after a bad practical joke left her with a permanently stained shirt that she’d loved and our couch with permanently stained pillows.  Abby, thank you, girl.  😉
  • Mash potatoes with brown gravy
  • Melted candle wax, and watching a seal made
  • Winning a metal with my dad in a water bucket relay race at the Dixie Stampede (and it’s hard to run in thick sand!).
  • Buster the Dolphin, and petting his head
  • Jackie Chan’s martial arts
  • Abby and Katie’s longstanding loyalty to me
  • The herd of dolphins that came out of the water flipping and squealing to greet our boat
  • The smell of pipe smoke
  • The pictures my dad drew for my journal when I was in Hungary
  • Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprints book
  • Ice skating at the Rockefeller Center (never done it, just watching it, just knowing it’s there)
  • Sniffles the brown bear going into the outhouse somewhere in the Hungarian Countryside with me.  I was a strange-bathroom-o-phobe.  And that didn’t even deal with outhouses.  But I unzipped my purple belly pouch to peek at Sniffles after I had shut the door of the abhorrent outhouse–and he was still smiling.  And I kinda cracked up, and realized it wasn’t so awful as I’d always thought it would be to have to use an outhouse.
  • Learning how to make balloon animals.
  • Tripping on the edge of a tennis court, and having this ecstatic feeling of rocketing–for a couple seconds before I fell.
  • Hawaii
  • Sam, in New Line Cinema’s Lord of the Rings
  • Showing off my new braces that had white, teal, and lime green rubber bands.  I’d been determined, determined to get the orthodonist who did this and not the one who wouldn’t give different colors for your first braces month.
  • Going on the hay swings
  • The older men I knew through senior events (that my grandmom and mom both worked at) who told me they would marry me if they were younger.
  • The night walking out of Nakatos, a Japanese restaurant, after a work party there for my dad–and realizing my depression had suddenly lifted, as if Someone from the Heavens had yanked it off me and thrown it away–and talking about the marvel in that moment with my mom.
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