The Second Movement, Song 1: Coming to the Melody

  • The moment in Second Baptist Church–where I didn’t even go, mind you, I was just casually browsing–when I realized suddenly, without any explanation as to how I knew–as if I had been awoken to find myself in a coffin eight feet under with the lid cracked open and a deep sunlight hole dug out from above and a big ole ladder reaching down–realized that God has been pursuing me all along.
  • My “idol dog” dying, and the time of loneliness that parted my delusions about what I thought my life was.
  • The moment I committed my life–broken, shameful to show, and with the same terrible thoughts as always, with even a mental intrusion as I gave my life to Jesus!–thoughts I could not tear out of my head–but I gave the whole big mess of my life to Him anyway.  (I’d never dreamed of doing this without trying to clean up first as I always tried, over and over . . except the occurrence of list item #1 made it okay for me to give Him my mess, even if it took me 3 or 4 months to “get it”.)
  • Writing “Sunbathers” in response to #1 and #2.
  • The story of Cinderella
  • The shakiness and down-on-my-knees prayer of the first Small Group Women’s Bible Study I hosted.
  • Bringing a crazy-popular food item to a party.  The drama team I was on at church had a Christmas party.  I brought Rudolph the Red-Nosed Cheeseball.  It was a smash.  Usually what I bring is more than enough left over.  But this time, I got to bring a winner.  (And I don’t think I told anybody my mom gave me the recipe and helped me make it and told me it would be a winner.)
  • Changing my iTunes selection
  • Making a chocolate chiffon cake Lena thought was as good as hers.  Lena won first-prize for one of her cakes.  Lena believed I could bake.  Lena believed I could.  I tried.  And it didn’t work at first.  But then I baked.
  • Mingkwan
  • The Christmas Eve service at Mark’s church, with the stillness and the warm glow of Christmas and communion . . a reminder of God’s gift of Bread of Life in a manger one night long ago.
  • Trying out for the drama team at my church–nervous as a baby bunny wondering if he walked into a cat pen.
  • Tearing up my credit card.
  • Making pumpkin custard for the first time and having it turn out.
  • Butter tea cookies, hot from the oven, with strawberry jam
  • The cayenne pepper and brown sugar bacon-wrapped bread sticks Denise makes
  • Changing my TV habits
  • Meeting Ruth and Mark in Sunday School and getting to know them at Financial Peace University
  • Stocking up on Answers in Genesis DVD’s
  • Seeing God even from the darkest pit of my sin.
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