The Second Movement–Song 2, Moments of Living in the Melody

  • Having an editor for my writing (and him being the love of my life and all)
  • My aunt and I running errands together, and them not seeming like such errands when I’m with her.
  • Ben’s mom telling my mom that I was like an angel to his family.  My heart still gooshish.
  • My mom hunting for days and finding my missing retainer so that I didn’t have to spend $200 on a new one that wouldn’t push my teeth back to where they were supposed to be.
  • Opening a letter from Prashanti (from India, Compassion International) and reading, “Dear mom”.
  • Gary Walters out of the blue telling me that the cleft in my chin (that I find so ugly) was cute, and that it reminded him of his wife’s (who he loves and adores).  I kinda wanted to give my chin a second chance after that.
  • The Etsy red horse ornament with frolicking sequins that my aunt bought me.
  • Writing and knowing God loves me as I write.
  • The animatronics at the Creation Museum, because they didn’t scare me very much since I knew they were missionary dinosaurs.  🙂
  • The tour with Buddy Davis through the Creation Museum.
  • Sitting next to Ben on the bus, when we were still hardly just friends, and there was talking go on, and there were magnetic fields starting to build.  🙂
  • Ben praying for my motion sickness on the bus.
  • Ben reading stories I’ve written that only my mom has read
  • My first playground with Ben, and climbing through all the wonderful forts.
  • My grandmother’s coleslaw
  • Staggering towards a trash can in the airport after the worst motion-sickening plane ride of my life, and Ben holding my hair as I retched into the trash can in the giant room by the luggage conveyers.  (Ben holding my hair was the joy part.)
  • Capri Suns, 100% fruit juice kind
  • The evening in the snow when Ben gave me my Christmas necklace, and snow really fell on my hair the way it does in the movies, even if we were still us and socially awkward and all. 😉
  • The $6.99 VIB Breakfast at Village InnBeautiful, Beautiful by Francesco Battistelli
  • The rabbit I got to hold during a staff meeting
  • My soft brown bunny
  • The shooting pain in my neck that reminds me I need to stand up straight
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Watching The Hobbit with Ben in a close-to-empty theater and laying my head in his chest.
  • Touring the Creation Museum
  • Breyer’s All-Natural Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  • Ben’s laugh real relaxed on the phone and I’m 1,008 miles or so away and I want to hear it again and again, and I picture what his face looks like as he laughs.
  • The day I looked at myself in the airport bathroom mirror and I looked crummy but I felt beautiful
  • Saturn bunny pointing to his owwie.
  • Monopoly, and all the friends and family I’ve won, lost, and drawn against
  • The royal purple afghan my grandmother made me for Christmas hugging my legs with its flappy wings right now.
  • Letters from Kekeli from Togo and the beautiful photograph of her with her motherHeritage Cafeteria with my aunt, and her prayer for me and Ben
  • My first date with Ben, and the exotic little muffins with unusual butter the waiter served us after for free because it was our first date and he understood long-distance relationships.
  • The Naming Room at the Creation Museum.
  • Walking through the Creation Museum backwards to see the curse fade away and Eden begin again, as it will one day for those who live in Christ.
  • Hard wood floors
  • Watching Ben run and slide in his socks and I realize he was a kid like me once, even if I didn’t see him grow up.
  • Ben’s playful voice ribbing me about something
  • My Newton sneakers my mom got me as a special gift, and the replaced shoe
  • My card of two puppies kissing on the nose (so it’s okay) I got in the mail today from Ben.  🙂
  • The needle felted hedgehogs I got my mom for Christmas from Ginger Little’s Etsy shop
  • The picture Ben sent me of Sniffy and the honey stick
  • The one-of-a-kind original of a Gary Walter’s watercolor painting he gave me as a gift in a beautifully inscribed package, and how I felt when I saw it
  • Running down the sidewalk on New Year’s Eve holding Ben’s hand
  • Sharing a three-layer cake with my small group Bible study for Karen’s birthday
  • Nests with robin’s eggs
  • Seeing the gasping, dying bird laying on the mat in front of the bookstore, and the attendant getting a bag and moving it to a small garden where it wouldn’t get crushed.
  • The sun shining through the half-circle window in my bedroom
  • Ben rubbing the back of my neck and head when I have shooting pains and aches.
  • One of my kiddos showing off new glasses to me.  (I wear them too.)Guji, Guji (the book)
  • Ben sitting cross-legged
  • Walking out in the rain in our socks, holding hands.
  • The color of my hair, though it took me a long time to like it
  • Meeting Ben’s parents, and them gracious and me nervous and stepping all over my own words and them somehow liking me anyway.
  • Ben’s mom’s raisin bread
  • Grabbing Ben’s dad’s piece of raisin bread off his plate, and even though I did it very sneaky-like and he didn’t see, him somehow knowing it was not Ben but, indeed, me.
  • Switching seats every time Ben left the room, and his family saying nothing about it, continuing on with their conversations, as Ben had to keep sitting in a new spot.  And me just looking at him across the table, all sneaky-like, like, I’m gonna keep messing with you.  And him just looking back at me across the table, all patient-like, like, My patience is gonna outlast your messing with me.  And how he’s always right about that.
  • Ben trying to solve my riddle, my dumbest-riddle-ever, and studying after it, and working and working at it, and at long last getting the answer.  And then his momma getting the answer in two seconds flash.  And then the look of laughter and disbelief on his brother’s face that I had told the dumbest-riddle-ever.
  • The insides of a watch
  • Helen, who shares my birthday
  • weimaraners
  • Deer
  • The pink, blind, furless babies of mice
  • Looking forward to my thirtieth birthday
  • The first time Ben told me he loved me.
  • The Hiding Place performed at Stained Glass Theater
  • Musical notes, the way they look across a page of staffs
  • The song In Christ Alone
  • The book of Isaiah


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  1. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the BEST!! 🙂

    I took over the Compassion Bloggers Master List for Jill at Compassion Family. I need a description for your blog. Please answer one of the following questions- Why do you blog about Compassion? How did you get involved with Compassion? How has Compassion changed your life? That will be the description for you blog. You can e-mail it to me at

    Thanks and God bless!! 🙂

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