Hidden in applesauce . . or Hollywood

I was 6 or 7.

I had to take these huge, nasty, chewable pills that the doctor had prescribed me.  I had no desire to take said pills.  They were an ugly brown, they tasted gross, and they looked like they were something to feed garbage disposals, not small children.

One day, I was relieved to find there was no nasty pill for me to take.  For my afternoon snack, my mom gave me applesauce, one of my favorites . . with a funny color.

I asked my mom if there was cinnamon sugar in my applesauce.  She gave me a vague reply I did not understand.  I asked again, and this time she asked me to try the applesauce.

I tried it and decided it was not cinnamon sugar.

I took spoonful after spoonful, trying to decide what the taste was.

At last, I narrated out loud (as my mom recalls vividly), “This almost tastes like . .”  I stopped, a horrible thought in mind.  “Mommy . . no, Mommy would not put my pill in my applesauce.”

From how my mom described the story later in a journal entry, the guilt was too much, and she confessed.  😉

My mom was trying to help me take something I wouldn’t have wanted to take, if I’d known what it was.  But applesauce couldn’t hide the nastiness of the pill for long.

Hollywood, on the other hand, is very good at hiding the nastiness of evil for years and years and years.  It’s easy to taste the bitterness of ground-up medicine in applesauce; it’s not so easy to recognize the sour effects of evil in a highly-gilded and carefully-crafted fantasy realm.

Nearly every popular movie and best-selling book has a hidden message, sometimes so finely crushed into the script or chapters that you’d hardly recognize it.  This subterfuge can go nearly unnoticed until its taste is no longer discernible, its power has taken full effect in our lives, and we breathe our last not realizing we have been a part of a grand trick that has been played on us.

Because the subterfuge seeks to destroy God, and, in doing so, actually destroys us.

There isn’t always a planned-out conspiracy from Hollywood to indoctrinate us.  Some mean well, like my mother hiding medicine in my applesauce; they don’t recognize they’re masking poison.

The ultimate conspiracy stems from Satan.

In even the smallest and most subtle, gentle ways, Hollywood and bestselling books have the power to change the way we think, if we are not on guard.

We are most vulnerable to them so far as I can tell:

  • as children,
  • when humor is involved,
  • when we are trying to be accepted into a group,
  • when we are lonely and seeking fictional friendships,
  • or when a desire we try to suppress is secretly gratified by what we watch.

The next time you turn on the television, buy a movie ticket, read a book, flip through a magazine, or even pick up a newspaper, ask God to reveal to you the hidden messages.  Before I was a believer, I thought I knew some of the hidden messages–and I did–but I missed many, many more.  If you have given your life to Christ, He will make Satan’s agenda clearer to you as you follow Him more and more closely.

The further away I have gotten from mainstream television, books, and movies, the more ludicrous the “craze” of next-week’s-episode, the newest bestseller, and the latest blockbuster is to me.  The addiction of popularity, the drive of illicit sex, and the lust of materialism fades.  I don’t mean I am never tempted by evil, but that the more I tear myself from the world, the more of my sinful nature I shed.  Things that I once looked forward to watching or reading are now detestable to me.

I don’t want be tricked by the sweet to take the poison.

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13, NLT)

Be on guard, keep awake. For you do not know when the time will come. (Jesus, quoted in Mark 13:33, on the Second Coming)


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