Day 5: Kickin’ a Lack of Knowledge

Hosea 4:6a says,

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (NASB)

Another way to say this is,

My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me. (NLT)

Kingdom SportsIn America and across the world, we see the destruction of people because of their lack of knowledge.  It may surprise you, but even in our own country, many people have no clear understanding of what the Gospel is or what it means to be saved.  If you doubt this, talk to a lost coworker over lunch break or volunteer time in an after-school public school program or strike up a conversation with a neighbor.  We have multitudes of people in our very nation who have no concept, misconceptions, or limited knowledge of what Jesus is actually offering to them.

Kingdom Sports 2Across the world, there are many people like us, especially in European nations.  But there are also people who have never even heard the Good News, or have only limited access to it, like millions in Asia and Africa[1].

Kingdom Sports is one way to reach people with the Good News of Christ Jesus.  The colorful soccer or basketball is a gift given to children or adults participating in sports, along with the message of what each color represents.

You can buy soccer balls or basketballs from Kingdom Sports for $24 each, shipping and handling included, to use in any sports ministries you may have.  You can also give them as presents to children for birthdays or Christmas.

You can sponsor Kingdom Sports ministry by donating.  (They hardly even advertise that they take donations, on the belief that God will encourage people to give who feel called, but you can mail donations to the address in the footnotes.)

If you’re planning a mission trip to another country, soccer balls are cherished in all high-poverty countries I know around the world, and many children in less impoverished countries value them, too.  Not only is a gift of a soccer ball received with great joy by most of the world’s children, but the colors on the ball serve as a reminder of the Good News shared.  We would pray this reminder lasts the rest of the child’s life, and that (s)he comes to salvation through understanding this simple message:

  • Gold: God lives in Heaven.  All His ways are pure. 
  • Black: But we have sinned.  Nothing we do is pure.  We cannot be allowed in Heaven.
  • Red: God sent His Son Jesus to make a way for us to go to have fellowship with Him and one day go to Heaven.  Jesus died on the cross.
  • White: Jesus cleansed all our sin. 
  • Gold: Now we can go to Heaven when we die.  Right now and ever after, we can have fellowship with God.
  • Green: We need to grow in Jesus by reading His Word, following in obedience to what He says, trusting in His Spirit to guide our lives, and praying to Him.
  • Gold: After the final breath of this life, we will go to be with Him in Heaven.

‘And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ (Acts 2:21, ESV)

Credibility of this Mission: My church, Second Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri supports Kingdom Sports.  For more information on this ministry, you can reach Gary Longenecker at or 417.724.0215 or 417.718.4457 (cell).  The website is All donations are tax deductible as a qualified 501 (C) (3).