Day 15: Pregnancy Care Centers

I guess a lot of times we avoid helping out because we’re afraid it will take too much time or too many of our resources.  We’re afraid the commitment is too great.  But the truth is, God committed the greatest gift He could give to us, Jesus Christ, and so nothing is too good or too precious for us to give back to God.

I’ve found that any ministry God places as a load on my heart is only a burden when I fail to respond (or when my heart is in the wrong place).  Every time I have ever given any bit of time or morsel of money to God, He has given me back more than I could ever have given Him!  No, I’m not saying that giving time to missions will mean you get to spend the last 30 years of your life in retirement on a boat in the tropics, or that giving money will guarantee that God grows your 401k.  The kind of gift God gives us when we give to Him is not so cheap.

Our gifts of time and money–these are really pretty cheap.  What are we, but mortals with a few specks of time?  Our life expectancy, described by David, is like grass–and I can’t think of any infomercial advertising that you can take a supplement to live as long as grass.  Grass is only around until a cow comes by to graze or the rain stays away too long.  And what is our money?  Do we have something we can really give God of value?  Is He hurting for our paper money, our sparkly jewels that He Himself made out of the earth?  Of course not!

The kind of gift God gives us in return is much richer.  It is the gift of a closer walk with Him, a sweeter clarity in hearing His heartbeat.  The deeper you love God, the less time or money will matter to you.

With that said, today’s mission is the pregnancy care center.  If you’ve never thought about helping out a pregnancy care center in your area, now is the time!  Pregnancy care centers vary in their needs, and it’s a good idea to give yours a call to see what would be useful, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Become a volunteer.  Pregnancy care centers need volunteers to answer phones, help with fundraising, or mentor a client.
  • Every time you go to the grocery store (or once a month), buy something for your local pregnancy care center.  All pregnancy care centers need diapers (check to see what size is the greatest need) and other items will be greatly appreciated like baby wipes, baby clothes, formula, other baby items, toiletries for the expectant mom, and maternity clothes.  You may even be able to donate items that you have from your children or grandchildren.
  • Help with fundraising.  Your pregnancy care center may have a fundraising walk or banquet or visit churches to spread the word about what they do.  Pregnancy care centers rely heavily on donations from believers who love babies–and that should be all of us!  You can help by posting fundraiser news on your Twitter or Facebook account, making calls or mailings around fundraising time, and, of course, chipping in yourself!  One year I baked goodies for friends who would come to the fundraising walk with me.  It was a great way to get together with friends and help our center.
  • Donate at Christmas, Mother’s Day, monthly, or however God calls you.  Your donations will help women in crisis make informed decisions about their pregnancy.  Whether they choose to parent, adopt out, or abort, they will have a better idea of the consequences of their decision.  Many women who have abortions regret that they did not receive better information on their choices–the kind of information that pregnancy care centers freely give.  Many women who have abortions feel pressured to do so.  At pregnancy care centers, these women can talk to a mentor in a confidential setting and have the opportunity to express how they really feel, without family, friends, or a boyfriend/husband in the room to manipulate or intimidate them.  Some of these women find the strength to make their own choice to parent or adopt out after they’ve talked to a mentor, even in spite of pressure they have felt from their loved ones to have an abortion.
  • Refer friends and family to pregnancy care centers when they are faced with a crisis pregnancy.

None of us are able to help out in every way with all missions, but I know for fact that the more I involve myself in the work of God, the more fulfilled I am and the more content with my life.  Even if all you can do is bring a package of diapers to your local pregnancy care center once a year, your support helps reach women and babies in ways you may never know until eternity.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13. NIV)

To find a pregnancy care center in your area, contact your church or use the Options Line locator.