Ideas for how to save money for missions

Wondering how you can save money for missions?  Here are ideas to get you started.  You might find you have even better ideas than I do once your creativity gets going!

Don’t rely on yourself.  Keep in prayer to God and ask Him to show you what you should substitute, serve, or sell and when.

The difference between giving and grudging is the motive.  If you don’t want to give something up–whether it’s money, things, or time–don’t.  Pray and ask God to give you the right heart and read every day in His Word.

Giving doesn’t mean you never get to do anything you want to do.  When you listen to God, He will make it so that you have more joy in giving than you ever did in taking.  I guarantee it.  I know it.  I have lived it myself.  If you trust Jesus and give to Him, you will go from a self-small delusion where only you matter to a sacred reality where you can–WOW!–give to God.



What you have will become sacred as it is offered to Him.

Substituting to Serve

  • Water instead of soda.
  • Coffee at home instead of out.
  • More water and less soda.
  • Buy generic instead of name-brand.
  • Fast food instead of restaurants.
  • Appetizer instead of a meal at a restaurant.
  • Bowl of soup or a salad instead of a meal at a restaurant.
  • Books at the library instead of the bookstore.
  • Free television online instead of movies.  (Check out hours and hours and hours on Answers in Genesis.)
  • More groceries, less eating out.
  • Shop for clothes at thrift stores or second-hand stores instead of malls and department stores.
  • Pack your lunches instead of buying out.
  • Trade more expensive food (i.e., steak) for cheaper food (i.e. sandwiches).
  • Spend time talking to friends at inexpensive places like your house, coffee shop, or fast food place instead of talking to them at restaurants or on shopping excursions.
  • Carpool
  • Find furniture on Craig’s list, on sale, at garage sales, or, best yet, from your parents’ basement 🙂
  • Invite friends over rather than going out and spending money.
  • Girls, if you let your hair grow out, you can save a lot of money on haircuts.
  • Watch a movie at home instead of a movie out.
  • Eat frozen pizza instead of delivery pizza.
  • Buy a car that isn’t brand new.
  • Pair a present that you would buy for a friend or family member with a donation in their honor.
  • Buy cards in bulk or 99-cent cards instead of expensive cards.

Giving up to Give

  • Magazine(s)
  • Highlights or perms
  • Pets (I’m not saying that you get rid of the pets you have.  Even though I loved puppies probably more than anyone in the world 😉 I decided I liked missions more.)
  • Meal(s) at a restaurant
  • Tickets to the movie theater.  (Nearly all of it is trash anyway.)
  • A new movie or video game or book
  • Dessert
  • Accessories (jewelry, shoes, purses, watches, clothes, etc).  Why did I call clothes “accessories”?  If you’re like me, you have plenty of clothes already, so anymore clothes are really just accessories.
  • A road trip
  • Soda
  • Junk food
  • Cable

Selling to Give

  • Hold an auction on Ebay
  • If you are craftsy, sell something you make on Etsy
  • Host a garage sale
  • Sell old books and movies on (but please don’t sell things that you don’t want anymore because of the sin in them!)

More ideas?  Add them by adding a comment.  🙂

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