If there is any good in existence, why does it have to have originated from God?

Good can’t originate with humanity because we were either created with good, in which case it didn’t originate with us, or we were evolved from ‘nothing’, in which case we can’t even be good, it’s all totally relative.

But we know there is good in the world, as even Sam from Middle-Earth knows :), and so we could not have evolved from ‘nothing’.  That means we must have been created with good.

(We could not have been created without good, because if we had been created without good, we could never do anything good.  Have you ever asked a plush dog to wake you up if there’s a robber?  We know it isn’t in a plush dog’s capabilities to wake us up.  In the same way, it wouldn’t be in our capabilities to be good if God didn’t create us with the ability.)

But then why are we able to do evil?  Did God create us with that ability too?  No.  God created us with the ability to do good and the ability to choose.  That ability to choose is not responsible for what we chose, anymore than a pile of cash is responsible for murdering someone.  If I choose to use a pile of cash to buy a gun and murder someone, I am responsible, not the cash.  I could just as easily have used that cash to fund meals for a starving child.

Satan used his ability to choose to turn from God and become evil.  Satan was created as Lucifer, an angel of light.  Now he is a devil of darkness.

We were created without shame or desire for evil.  But we used our choice to turn from God and become evil, too.  Now we are the children of the devil of darkness.  It’s a devastating picture.

But there is hope.  Because God is good.

For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.

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