Hope for the prodigal

I would never want to count how many times I have to turn back to Jesus each day.  I am a mess.  I follow Him for a few steps, then I’m running back to my old sin nature, where it’s eagerly waiting to take me back into its distress, guilt, shame, misery, panic, depression, doubt, and hatred.

But no matter how stupid I am, how defiant, or how selfish, every time I turn back around, Jesus is waiting to take me back into His forgiveness, clarity, peace, hope, faith, love, and purity.

The remarkable words of the fate of the prodigal when he came back to his father:

And they began to celebrate. (from Luke 15:24b),

Not just the father, but the servants, too.  It was the father who led the household in celebration for the wretched, unlikable son who had returned.

The celebration was led by the one who had been most wronged.

That’s exactly the way it is with God.

He’s waiting to take you back, too.

See the full story in Luke 15.


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