Clip on koala bears: not a substitute for garage door openers

Disclaimer: You might, perhaps, quite possibly, in actuals, find a few of a lot of made-up details regarding a certain koala bear and events surrounding his unfortunate evening last night.

Last night, after dropping Ben off at the place where he’s staying in Elizabethtown, I drove back to Mechanicsburg as usual, where I’m staying.  It’s about a 45 minute drive.  Sharing a car certainly seemed more romantic before we actually had to do it.  😉

I tiredly pulled in about 11:00-ish after another of what is becoming a quasi-routine experience with an angry driver on the highway.  (Note: Pennsylvanians need to have driver etiquette classes as part of their driver’s exam.  Those who do not pass should have their horn sound replaced with flute music and be required to wear a smiley face mask and wear mittens while driving.)

For the past month, I did not realize (no, I did not) that Ben has a garage door opener on his car to his parent’s garage.  Although I am staying at his parents’ house, and although I saw him use it many times, apparently in never registered.  After a couple times of trying to open or close the garage door with the keypad while he was opening or closing it from his car (with a fond-and-witty expression on his face), I at last realized and remembered that there is a garage door opener in his car that works for his parents’ house.

Last night, ready to go inside, I decided not to go the old get-out-of-the-car-and-type-the-code-in-the-keypad route.  Instead, I decided to use the garage door opener.

Now here is where there’s a bit of a sidebar story, but I think it might be worth the bit of the squirrel! moment it takes.

–I have a habit of fidgeting with things.  One such thing is the koala bear clip-on that used to be on the visor of the passenger side of the car.  It used to be there until I warned Ben that his memorabilia from Australia was going to be destroyed if I kept playing with the clip-on feature.  Rather than understandingly let me ruin his souvenir, he rudely removed it and clipped it onto the driver’s visor.–

And this brings us back to the feature story.  Ergo, instead of pressing the garage door opener, as I thought, I found myself pressing a koala bear and expecting the door to open.  I quickly (both because the door was failing to open and because the garage door opener felt awfully plush) glanced up to see Mr. I-Love-Australia-so-much-I-wear-it-backwards-on-my-t-shirt Bear not thinking kindly thoughts down on me.

Realizing my mistake, I found the garage door opener, pressed the button, and, viola!, the door opened.

(There is the slight matter of the lawsuit, but we reached agreement that if I planted a Eucalyptus tree in the backseat of Ben’s car the matter would be resolved.  Note to Ben: I hope you like the new skylight in your car. . I love you, honey.)


As silly as the story is, do you know what it reminded me of?

Like a koala bear clip-on can’t open a garage door, trusting in just anything won’t get you to Heaven.

It’s a ridiculous thought that a koala bear clip-on could replace a garage door opener.  And it’s an even more ridiculous thought that your eternal destiny can be decided by any belief system you want.  I’d way rather risk my opportunity to get in a house on whether a souvenir works as a garage door opener . . than risk my opportunity to get into Heaven on whether my faith in ‘whatever I want’ works to save me.

It is your soul and my soul on the line.  The stakes are eternal.  I encourage you and me both to think about the belief we’re trusting in.

“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.” (Jesus, quoted in Matthew 7:13-14, NLT)

Jesus emphasized, “I can guarantee this truth: I am the gate for the sheep. (John 10:7, GW)


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