The thirst for eternity

Ben, “Will you hold my hand?”

Me, “I will always hold your hand.”

Ben, “I will always hold you in my heart.”

We thirst for eternity.

In this short, short life, we thirst for eternity.

When we’re thirty, we want to be twenty.

When we’re fifty, we want to be thirty.

When we’re eighty, we want to be fifty.

We long for more time.

More time for romance.  More time for family.  More time for friends.  More time for achievements.  More time for plans.

We thirst for eternity.


We were created to be eternal creatures.

In fact, everything God ever made was created to be eternal.

We fell from our eternal state with Him when we broke truce with Him.

We said we didn’t want eternal life with Him.

We got what we wanted.

Only now that we have it, now that we see it up close, we don’t want it.

We thirst for eternity.

I’ll be thirty this year and I’ll be thirsty this year.

I don’t want to grow old.

I don’t want to die.

I don’t want for my body to break down.

I don’t want for my last breath to leave my lungs.

I don’t want for the last beat to pulse in my heart.

I don’t want to die.

I want to last for all eternity.

But there’s only one way I can:

If God reverses what I did in my rebellion.

If He takes the curse I deserve for my sin and places it on Himself.  Only He, as the Eternal One, can take the eternity-away-from-Him that I once asked for and destroy its effect.  He can do this, because in addition to being eternal, He is infinite.  He is able to take the infinite consequence for eternity in a finite span of time.  He did this on the cross.  The rest of us, because we are not infinite, nor qualified because of our unholiness, would have to pay the infinite consequence eternally.  Only He can pay it in a finite amount of time.  And only He can take away the burden of death from us forever.

I receive this work of His in my life.  I receive His eternal payment and I know that I can now live forever with Him.

Ben and I will certainly not be married in Heaven.  Heaven is much better than the sweetest romance we have on earth.

But could we hold hands in Heaven?  I think maybe we could.

And it could be (off and on) forever.

But we can’t hope for this because of sentimental feelings on romance cards or flighty hopes in romance movies of foreverness-even-though-it-really-isn’t-ish.  We can hope for this (or something even better) only because of Jesus Christ.  He is our forever.

Forever. ❤

For the believer:

. . the truth lives in us and will be with us forever. (from 2 John 1:2, NLT)

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. (Jesus, quoted in John 14:6b, NLT)


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