60 seconds could be the difference between life and death.

Please take 30 seconds to read this message I wrote:

Pastor Saeed has been in prison for 410 days after helping to build orphanages in his native country of Iran.  He has been beaten, refused medical care, and received death threats.

NOW HE IS IN MORE DANGER THAN EVER BEFORE.  On Sunday, November 3, he was moved to a prison for murderers and others who have committed violent crimes. 

Now: please take 30 SECONDS and sign this petition: http://beheardproject.com/saeed#sign

THIS MATTERS.  By God’s grace through the prayers, petitions, and the voices of ordinary people, in 2012 Pastor Youcef was FREED from an Iranian prison, even though he had been sentenced to DEATH.

 If you spent the 60 seconds reading this and signing the petition, THANK YOU!  May Christ bless you for this!

 If you can give more than 60 seconds of your time and you want to learn more:

The prison where Pastor Saeed has been taken is called Rajai Shahr.  More than 4 times as many prisoners are crammed into this prison as the maximum capacity, and it’s been reported that Pastor Saeed is sharing a cell with 5 other prisoners.  He’s been described as “a modern day Daniel in a lion’s den”.  Pastor Saeed has already witnessed 2 murders since he was moved to this prison on Sunday.  The prisoners attack each other, and the guards come into their cells to beat them.  The guards can also execute prisoners when they wish.

God truly needs to close the violence down around Pastor Saeed as He closed the mouths of the lions in Daniel’s day, if Pastor Saeed is going to live through this.

And believe it or not, Persia, where Daniel spent his time in the lion’s den, shares territory with modern day IRAN.

Whether God chooses to free Pastor Saeed in this life, or to wait until Heaven for the reveal of this believer’s freedom, we must lift him up in prayer daily.  It’s been reported that he has brought 30 people to Christ since his time in Evin prison.

–Please resend this message, or a personal message of your own, to friends and family who might sign this petition.  Let’s show Pastor Saeed and the world that we remember him–no matter what.

And please pray for the 5 men Pastor Saeed is in a cell with, that they would all come to Christ.


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