Beautiful bouquet of  wildflowers

If the present time is a harvest of flowers, I have to be one of the world’s worst flower pickers.

Here’s the present: like a field of wildflowers all around me, just waiting to be picked, but here I am looking through photos of flowers I already saw (and probably missed) or sketches of flowers I think might possibly be perhaps maybe coming.

It’s ridiculous; it’s pointless; it’s a waste of bouquets, and I know it!  So why do I keep missing the flowers of today?  Why?

I really do know better!  I wouldn’t expect it of myself except that I am a Christian.  But as a Christian, I know the One who gathered the masterpiece of all bouquets and wants to share it with me!  I know Christ has gathered in both my past and future for me.  He has reconciled my past and promised my future in Him.  He’s already holding the bouquet I so long for–and He wants me to delight in the gift of it!

Since the present is the only place I live, when I am distracted from gathering by the past or the future, it’s an attack on my relationship with Christ.

But when I use the past in the light of God’s wisdom and plan for the future in the light of His grace,I am a true flower-picker.  Then I live by scooping up the present in big handfuls, handfuls that become bouquets of memories to place in the ever-expanding vase of my time together with Christ[1].

It’s tough to remember this.  It’s tough to live in the present and trust Christ to redeem what I can’t redeem (my past) and anticipate what I can’t anticipate (my future).

Without Him, I would have a reason to blindly claw up the flowers of the present, leaving broken stems and dismembered petals behind me.  But with Him, I don’t.

Because of His gathering, I can really live in the present.

Because He holds the perfect bouquet, I can really rest.  And because of the fragrance of what He gives me to gather, He can use even me to hand out flowers to the gatherers around me.

(I hope this blog was a little flower for you.)

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8, NIV)


[1] The truths of justification and sanctification are both realities at the same time.  Christ has given us the best bouquet, but at the same time we are also called to gather and share the flowers of His truth and grace (to share Jesus).

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