Man with newborn baby Ah . . my security blanket.  No toy, not even Diaper Duck, brought me as much joy as toddler. 

My security blanket was made by my great aunt Thelma.  Known for her quilts, she gave me a blanket unlike any other.  On one side, the calico cat and gingham dog played together in little scenes printed in a pattern of relaxing blues and greens.  On the other side, Thelma had embroidered an entire train that spanned from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner in swirl fashion.  Each train car had a different animal with different colored thread.  The blanket was even hemmed with a zigzag border.  I knew from the start there was no security blanket like mine.

Although there were all sorts of things to do with my blanket, my very, very favorite was a game my father and grandfather played with me.  First, I got inside the blanket.  Then my father took one end of the blanket and my grandfather the other.  They swung me in hammock style.  I was completely enclosed inside the blanket, like a letter inside an envelope.  I felt so safe.  I felt so loved.

. . . We have a tendency to outgrow security blankets. 

By the time I was seven, getting inside my blanket was an impossibility.  We usually learn at a young age that security blankets have a way of expiring with time.  Sometimes, we’re let down in an even worse way.  I hope you’ve never had one break on you, but sometimes we learn to distrust what we thought would help us most.

I’ve never forgotten the feeling I had cradled in that blanket.  There’s a deep longing inside me for that feeling.  I know I can’t go back in time or enlist two unwitting friends to try to hoist me up in my blanket . . so what’s left?  The emptiness of never again feeling secure?

What I’m about to tell you can be hard to believe—especially if you’ve had a security blanket break on you in the past.  Even if your only negative experiences have been finding out you’re too big for a blanket anymore, you can still find this far-fetched.  But it is still true:

There is a Secure. 

The Secure has no expiration date, won’t diminish as you grow older, and can never break. 

The Secure is Christ.  He makes a promise that seems too good to be true: eternal security.  (Forever!)  The only term is that you must let Him cradle you, because He won’t force you.

This news can seem so outlandish that you can, well, laugh . . or scoff.

It might surprise you to know that even people who are considered Biblical heroes and heroines had the same reaction at times.  Sarah, for example, saw no way God could keep His promise to make her life secure through a child.  And the woman at the well—well, to say she started as a skeptic would be an understatement.  With her tone, she actually made fun of Jesus’ idea of a life so secure she would never thirst again.

Yet God gave them grace.  He gave them another chance to climb into the security blanket.  And what they—and many others—found out is that God is Secure.

Secure to keep you from hardship, pains, and griefs in this life?  He never makes such a promise.  Those are the consequences of sin we chose in Adam and through personal decision, and, for as long as we live here, we will experience them.  God honors choice.

But can you be secure for His love to wrap around you and hammock you, no matter what? 

Yes.  Absolutely.

And, best of all, you can be enveloped in the Secure today.

If you choose.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. (Hebrews 6:19-20a, NIV)

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