“Blank mind”?

We have a common misconception in our society that you can go in with a “blank mind” and figure things out.  But when I very briefly studied cognition in college, I learned this is simply not so.  Our minds constantly connect new information with old information, comparing, contrasting, and collaborating ideas.  So when I take a look at anything, I use everything I believe to make decisions about it.

If I read the Bible believing in its perfection, I will have an entirely different reading experience than if I read believing in its imperfection.  And if I go into the reading unsure, an immediate crisis emerges: What do I really believe?

God’s Word makes it clear: we are each responsible for how we read His Word, because we are the ones who come to His perfection with either our agendas . . or our submission.

“A farmer went out to sow his seed . .” (Luke 8:5a, NIV)

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