The Beautiful Waterfall

On our mission trip in Guatemala, our group of 40 all stayed in at a hotel commonly used for weddings.  When we got there, it was easy to see why brides and grooms would want to say I do on the grounds.  Guatemala is beautiful, and this hotel was master planned to be gorgeous.  Although the flora & fauna were magnificent, the best part was the waterfall.

Just about every time I passed it (as my roommate Sarah will remind me), I said, “That’s a beautiful waterfall.”  I could hardly help myself!  It was!

I wasn’t the only one who thought so.  A team member on our trip–a stranger named Ben–sat by the waterfall every morning listening to music.  In fact, he didn’t even go to the luxurious breakfast with the rest of us.  He sat by the waterfall.  Every morning, I could depend on seeing Ben out by the waterfall on my way to and from the main hub of the hotel.

I didn’t think much of it, and I certainly didn’t pay attention to him, other than to avoid him.  I didn’t know him and I wasn’t in love.

And then we began to talk.

It started at a restaurant on our last night of the trip.

I am so thankful for that last night.

Without it, I would have missed the love of my life.

I found out so much about Ben that I didn’t know, simply because I’d never spent time with him.  I found out his interest in me, and I was on a journey of beginning to find out how much he would love me.

If Ben and I went back to that waterfall now (which I would certainly love to do on one of our anniversaries), the story would be entirely different.  I would be sitting right beside him or across from him, relishing the beautiful waterfall with him.

I had no idea at the time, but what a powerful illustration this is for our relationship with God.  For many, He is simply a stranger, and, though everyone has opportunity every day to talk with Him (because of the gift of Jesus Christ), most people ignore Him.  They don’t have a relationship with Him, and they don’t want one.

But when we begin to read His Word, or when someone begins to tell us Truth about Him, we have the opportunity to open our hearts to Him.  And at that point, it doesn’t matter whether we’re in the prime of our life or on the very last day:

We can receive Him and have the most delightful relationship in all the world with Him.

Have you been passing by God every day, not recognizing His open arms to you, clueless to the deep love He holds in His heart for you?  If so, now is the time to stop at the waterfall.  🙂  Now is the time to fall in love with God.

All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. (John 6:37, NIV)

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