The $3 hummingbird key chain

On the souvenir day of our Guatemalan trip we traveled to Antigua to an outdoor market stocked with kiosks.  I sprang too soon on goodies and found myself $1 short of being able to buy a hummingbird key chain.

If it was a word problem, it would read: Teej has $2.  Hummingbird key chains cost $3.  How much money does Teej need?


And I am talking about an adorable, a treasurable, a keepsakable hand-beaded, long-nosed, wings-in-flight hummingbird key chain.


I gave up hope on the hummingbird key chain, but on the last morning of the trip–very early in the morning–waiting outside the airport . . .

. . .was a man selling hummingbird key chains . . .

for $3.  😦

Ben was walking next to me in the airport, and I decided I would try a girl way of getting that hummingbird key chain.

“I would really like to have one of those hummingbird key chains,” I confided in him gleefully.

And then, (hint, hint) “But I have only $2, and they are $3.”

He made very little, if any, remarks.

I was so disappointed.  I was sure he was probably not the man of my dreams after all.  (Okay, I might have blown the hummingbird key chain out of proportion.)

If you’re wondering Ben’s side of the story, he tells me that he hadn’t slept at all the night before, and he’d barely slept the whole trip.  He says he doesn’t even remember me asking him about the hummingbird key chain, and he certainly didn’t realize I was nudging him to buy one for me!  Since then, the $3 hummingbird key chain (I never got) has become a running joke between us.

There’s a sweetness in relationship of saying just a few words that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else (like $3 hummingbird key chain) and laughing softly together.  As insignificant as this little story is, it reminds me of the intimacy I can share with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  When I pray, I can talk in shorthand.  I can say only a few words, and Jesus will know exactly what I mean.  I can bring all my memories to Him, and He remembers them, too.

You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.
 (Psalm 139:2, NLT)


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