No more walkie talkies

walkie talkies

Long ago, before there were cell phones 🙂 . . there were walkie talkies.  Since this story is from my childhood, there will be walkie talkies in the story . . and not cell phones.

I was about eight or nine when my mom gave me the choice for I guess my birthday, between a new cartoon VHS (which also dates me) or a pair of walkie talkie.  It was a tough decision but, in the end, I chose the walkie talkies.

And not just any walkie talkies.

I got Fisher Price walkie talkies.

They were rectangles and as heavy as early 90’s gadgets were.  They were a cool red with blue antenna and yellow “talk” buttons.  Best of all, they had a sticker of the morse code alphabet and a special little button that beeped in morsecodical.

All of my friends wanted to get on the walkie talkies.  The most fun part was to walk as far away as you could without losing range and whispering.  It didn’t matter what was said over the walkie talkies, as long as it was top secret and classified.  We all took turns as secret agents, bubbling over with nonsense confidentiality as we tested the walkie talkies to see how far away we could be.

There’s an inner human longing to be let in on a secret, and to tell one.  We all want to be part of something intimate, something just for us.  I think that’s a big pull for gossip, even though gossip destroys relationships rather than bonding them.  We want to be a part of something close, something special.

Where did this longing for close communication come from?

From our longing to talk with God.

We deeply crave the closeness with God that Adam had.  When he walked in the Garden with God, he could talk to him about anything he wanted.  Oh, how we long to talk to God about what’s on our hearts!  We long to hear from Him, audibly, the way Adam did.  We long to know what He thinks of us and, for those who follow Christ, we long to tell Him how much we love Him and see His reaction.

Right now, we don’t have that walk with God.  Even Christians who have the closest fellowship with God would tell you of their longing to share more of God’s secrets.  We are in a world right now with a chasm of sin separating us from God.  This chasm is like a no-zone of communication.  No talk, either direction, gets through.

But Christ is the bridge for our chasm.  And when we give our lives to Him, we are on the bridge crossing the chasm, and we begin our communication with God.

While we’re on that bridge, in a certain way, our relationship with God is like talking on a walkie-talkie.  Sometimes, our sin puts us so out of range that we can’t hear Him.  Sometimes, the distractions we allow into our lives create so much static that we drown out His voice.  And sometimes, we have moments where we deeply experience the secret love of God in our hearts.

For the Christ-follower, our final step on the bridge toward God is death.

From that point on, there’s no more need for walkie talkies.  We’ll be in the Presence of God Himself, and He can whisper His secrets to us all day long–forever.

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.” (Psalm 27:8, NLT)


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