Chinese Acrobats

One year for my birthday, Mom took me to see the Chinese Acrobats in Branson.  What these athletes do is truly extraordinary.  They are moving pieces of art.  Their balance, strength, and ability to conform their bodies showcase the years of training and ongoing practice needed to do the impossible.

The Chinese Acrobats remind me of our training as followers of Christ.  Sometimes we feel like God is being too hard on us, or allowing too many challenges to come our way.  We don’t realize that He is training us for our spectacular debut as His new creation.  Every struggle, every time of testing is the exact practice needed to enable us to do the impossible.

As we are made more and more into the image of Christ, our old habits and hangups grow weary of the training and slip off like old skin, and our new nature is showcased for the world to see.

Training the body helps a little, but godly living helps in every way. Godly living has the promise of life now and in the world to come. (1 Timothy 4:8, GW)


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