The cup

Have you ever seen a reality TV episode where a contestant had to drink something gross to win a prize?

I remember one episode where the host was blending all kinds of weird things into smoothies. The contestants would have to drink the liquid to the dregs if their team wanted points. There was such a relief in getting the last swallow down.

In the Bible, God’s wrath is sometimes described as a cup. People forced to drink from His wrath had to experience the consequences of their wrongful actions and God’s reaction to them.

Yellow broken cup on wooden backgroundWhen Jesus came to earth, He came for a unique purpose: to drink God’s wrath dry. The night He was betrayed, He prayed that He could avoid drinking the cup set before Him, if it was at all possible. But He was willing to yield to what the Father wanted, and not His own will.

Jesus chose to go ahead and drink that cup of wrath, because there was no other way for humanity to be saved. He drank to the dregs every last punishment for our sin and every bit of God’s just anger towards us.

On the reality TV show I saw, some contestants who finished the requirement of the drink would slam the cup on the table proudly, showcasing its emptiness to the world.

Just before Jesus took His last breath, it was as if He slammed the cup on the table and shattered it. The curtain the separated God from man was torn in two from God’s side to our side (top to bottom). An earthquake brought attention to the finality of Christ’s act. Best of all, Jesus Himself announced the beautiful words,

“It is finished.” (from John 19:30)

There is no reason for any of us to taste God’s wrath. We can be totally free because Jesus drank the cup we so fear. And He drank it to the very dregs.


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