Day 25: Jesus on Campus


That’s a big number.

That’s about the number of college students worldwide[1].

According to Barna Research, 6 out of 10 young adults who were a part of church life as a teenager are already gone by their twenties.  (See Already Gone, Answers in Genesis)

We so very much need to be bringing people to Christ at every stage in life.  Reaching the college stage of life is critical.  College students become the next generation of missionaries, teachers, scientists, authors, artists, musicians, athletes, etc.  If we want the next generation to be lights for Christ in every adventure they voyage after throwing their caps at graduation, we can’t sit back and wait for this to happen.  As believers, we need to be praying, giving, and reaching out to this generation to share the flame God has given us.

Campus Crusades for Christ (abbreviated CRU) reaches college students around the world.  CRU is like a bonfire effort to set the next generation alight for Christ.  CRU illuminates college campuses (and beyond) through a nearly OVERWHELMING number of missions.  There is no way I can talk about them all here.  But here are a few

  • Campus outreach
  • Spring break missions
  • Connecting students to mission trips that share the Jesus Film in countries where even the Name of Jesus is unknown to many
  • Connecting students to mission trips that provide global aid through Gain.
  • A “wildfire” of online devotions for students
  • Producing a Worldwide Challenge Magazine
  • A website that answers questions about Christianity for non-believing college students

CRU is endorsed by Billy Graham, Kay Arthur, and Lou Giglio . . as well as the ministries Samaritan’s Purse (headed up by Franklin Graham), Prison Fellowship, Wycliffe Bible Translations USA, and New Tribes Mission.  In addition, CRU is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Accountability.

I wish I had been an on-fire believer in my early twenties.  Sadly, I was one of the “already gone” talked about in the Barna Research.  Campus Crusades for Christ helps reach young adults at one of their most vulnerable times and when they are probably the most likely to make impulsive, foolish, and reckless decisions that may bear consequences throughout their life, or even result in death.  Not only do these college students have an opportunity to engage with God’s Word, but those who make a decision to be lamps for Christ can light up the world around them–in more ways than we can possibly imagine in our very dark current America.

“You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” (Jesus, quoted in Matthew 5:14, NLT)


[1] Campus Crusades for Christ,